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The middle school curriculum gives students a solid academic foundation and provides a sensitive, nurturing environment in which students feel comfortable as they experience the challenges of the transitional years from childhood to early adolescence.

There is a serious commitment to prepare our students to be technologically competent.

Strategies to help students how to learn as well as how to use and handle knowledge and information are an important part of skills development.

Student-centred classrooms and proactive learning are high priorities in our school.

Many opportunities are also available to explore individual talents through extracurricular activities.

Teaching – Learning Strategies

The teaching methodologies used in the classroom environment actively engage all students in the learning process.
Variety of instructional strategies based on the assessed strengths, needs and interests of the students are adopted.
The teachers implement whole group, small group, and individual instruction that provide for independent application and practices.
Technology is extensively used in the day to day teaching in the classrooms.
They identify and articulate clear learning objectives based on grade-level expectations’ and assessment of students’ needs.


→ Weekly assessment subject wise as Monday test, Two terms with two examinations- one in September and the other in Feb / March

→ Two unit tests per term for continuous assessment

→ Internal Examination for the Ist term

→ Examinations for Final term