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" Truth, Consciousness and Bliss " -
(Sat Chitt Aanand)

The aim of BSMAatman’ is to produce socially useful individuals. Thus, scientific, technological and economical learning must be matched by moral, intellectual and spiritual education.

→ Keeping this in view, value education has been made an integral part of our school.

→ The Morning Assembly reminds the students of their culture and values. Chanting of shlokas is a regular part of the morning assembly.

Scholastic excellence goes hand in hand with character building.

A strong emphasis on values and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds.

→ Further, the school celebrates most festivals in the traditional way which develops an appreciation for diverse cultures and inculcates sound moral values by imbibing the best of all cultures and religions.

→ In addition, students are encouraged to take initiative, to be original, honest, to believe in themselves and to work independently.

The power of meditation which helps them improve their concentration and realize their potential.