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Class 9 Positive Vibes Syllabus
Unit1 History
L- 1 The French Revolution
L- 2 Socialism in Europe and the Russion Revolution
L- 3 Nazism and the rise of Hitler
L- 4 Forest Society and Colonialism
L- 5 Pastoralists in the modern world
Unit2 Geography
L- 1 Size and Location L-2 Physical Features of india L- 3 Drainage L- 4 Climate L- 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife L- 6 Population /scp_table]

Unit3 Social and Poltical Life
L- 1 What is Democracy?Why Democracy?
L- 2 Constituational Design
L- 3 Electrol Politics
L- 4 Working of Instituations
L- 5 Democratic Rights
Unit3 Economics
L- 1 The Story of village palampur
L- 2 People as Resource
L- 3 Poverty as a challenge
L- 4 Food security in india