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Class 8 Social Science
[stable_row labels=”L- 8 |Attempts to ‘Civilise’ and ‘Educate’ the Native”]
Unit1 History
L- 1 Begining of The Modern Period
L- 2 From Traders to Rulers
L- 3 The Countryside Under The Company's Rule
L- 4 Tribals During The Colonial Rule
L- 5 The Rebellion of 1857
L- 6 The Birth of an Imperial Captial:Colonialism and Delhi
L- 7 Crafts and Industries Under Colonial Rule
L- 9 Reforms,Reformers and Women
L- 10 Changes in visual Arts:Effect of Colonialism and Nationalism
L- 11 The National Movements(1870-1947)
L- 12 Independent India
Unit2 Geography
L- 1 Resources
L-2 Natural Resources-Land and Soil
L- 3 Natural Resorce-Water
L- 4 Natural Resources-Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
L- 5 Mineral and Power Resources
L- 6 Agriculture- Types of Farming
L-7 Major Industries of the World
L- 8 Industries-Classification and Location
L- 9 Major Industries of The World
L- 11 Importance of Human Resources
Unit3 Social and Poltical Life
L- 1 The India Constitution
L- 2 Understanding Secularism
L- 3 Role of The Parliament
L- 4 The Need to Establish The Rule of Law
L- 5 The Judicial System
L- 6 Our Criminal justice System
L- 7 Understanding Marginalisation
L- 8 Confronting Marginalisation
L- 9 Public Facilities
L- 10 Law and Social Justice