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Class 8 Science

Unit Chapter
L- 1 Crop Production and Management
L- 2 Microorganisms
L- 3 Synthetic Fibers and Plastics
L- 4 Physical and Chemical Changes
L- 5 Materials:Metals and Non-metals
L- 6 Coal and Petrolium
L- 7 Combustion and Flame
L- 8 Conservation of Plants and Animals
L- 9 Cell:Structure and Functions
L- 10 Reproduction in Animals
L- 11 Reaching the age of Adolescence
L- 12 Force and Pressure
L- 13 Friction
L- 16 Sound
L- 14 Chemical Effects of Electric Current
L- 15 Some Natural Phenomea
L- 16 Light
L- 17 Stars and Solar System
L- 18 Pollutionn of air and water