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Class 8 English Syllabus

L-1   The Food We Eat

L-2   Are You a Vegetarian?

L-3   Heaven on a Stick

L-4   Integrity Put to Test

L-5   An Interesting Observation

L-6   Angles on the Earth

L-7   The Homecoming

L-8   Lucy Gray

L-9   My Dog Marcus

L-10   The Barber Talks

L-11  The Piggy Pub

L-12   The Longest Journey

L-13   Love

L-14   Don’t Be So Hard on Pigs

L-15   A Fairy with Horns

L-16   No Men Are Foreign

L-17   The Wrong House

L-18   The Black Aeroplane

L-19   The Man in the Tunnel

L-20   Who Are You?

L-21   Global Warming

L-22  The Good Bacteria

L-23 Gene Technology

L-24 Solar Flare


L-1   Parts of Speech

L-2   The Correct Use of Nouns

L-3   The Correct Use of Pronouns

L-4   Comparison of Adjectives

L-5   The Correct Use of Adjectives

L-6   The Correct Use of Determiners

L-7   The Correct Use of Prepositions

L-8   The Correct Use of Verbs

L-9   Placing an Adverb

L-10   The Correct Use of Adverbs

L-11  The Correct Use of Conjunctions

L-12   Common Errors

L-13   The Revision of Tenes

L-14   Kinds of Sentences and Subordinate Clauses

L-15   Combining Sentences

L-16   Vocabulary Enrichment

L-17   Reading Comprehension

L-18   Short Composition Writing

L-19   Long Composition Writing