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Class 7 English Syllabus

L-1   Keeping Fit

L-2   Monday Morning

L-3   Excuses, Excuses!

L-4   Experiences in Hospital

L-5   The Girl on the Train

L-6   Working Families

L-7   Flats and Flats

L-8   People Upstairs

L-9   God’s Greatest Gifts

L-10   Environmental Pollution

L-11   A Dialogue

L-12   Hospital in the Forest

L-13   Our Quaking Planet

L-14   Hiroshima – A Living Lesson

L-15   The Wolves

L-16   A Kingly Joke

L-17   Fashion Victims

L-18   The Original N.Americans

L-19   The Yellow Stars

L-20   To a Daughter Leaving Home

L-21   A Secret for Two

L-22  The Mystery of a Girl

L-23 Killing Pain

L-24 The Muddlehead


L-1   Phrases and Clauses

L-2   Noun Phrase and Noun Clause

L-3   Adjective Phrase and Adjective Clause

L-4   Adverb Phrase and Adverb Clause

L-5   Much, Many, Fewer and Less

L-6   Use of Distributive and Reciprocal Pronouns

L-7   Subordinating Conjunctions

L-8   Use of Some Modal Auxiliaries

L-9   The Gerund and the Participle

L-10   Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses

L-11   Passive Constructions

L-12   Indirect Constructions

L-13   Seven Basic Patterns

L-14   Sequence of Tenses

L-15   Future Time Reference

L-16   The Sentence and its Structure

L-17   The Complex Sentence

L-18   Vocabulary Enrichment

L-19   Reading Comprehension

L-20   Short Composition Writing

L-21   Long Composition Writing