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Class 6 English Syllabus

L-1   The Cabuliwallah

L-2   Christmas Gifts

L-3   Half a Gift

L-4   Somebody’s Mother

L-5   The Cat Family of India

L-6   Black Beauty

L-7   The Man Who Killed …

L-8   The Rescue

L-9   Gardens and Gardening

L-10   Beaks and Feathers

L-11   Daffodils

L-12   Aesop’s Fables

L-13   The Panchatantra

L-14   The Cock and the Fox

L-15   The Foolish Fish

L-16   A Great Saint

L-17   Inquilab Zindabad

L-18   Horatius at the Bridge

L-19   My Native Land

L-20   The Battle of Waterloo

L-21   Jesse Owens

L-22  Confessions of a Born …


L-1   The Noun: Case

L-2   Relative and Interrogative Pronouns

L-3   Quantitative, Emphasizing and Numeral Adjectives

L-4   The Use of Some Adverbs

L-5   Determiners

L-6   Correlative Conjunctions

L-7   Verbs

L-8   Modal Auxiliaries

L-9   The Infinitive

L-10   The -ing Form of the Verb

L-11   Use of ‘There’ and ‘It’

L-12   ‘Else’ and ‘Or Else’

L-13   The Use of Tenses

L-14   Active and Passive Voice

L-15   Direct and Indirect Speech

L-16   Sentence, Phrase and Clause

L-17   Clauses of Time and Condition

L-18   Vocabulary Enrichment

L-19   Unseen Comprehension

L-20   Composition Writing