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Class 5 Social Science
Unit Chapter
L- 1 Globe
L- 2 Maps:Our Guids
L- 3 Weather and Climate
L- 4 Democratic Republic of the congo
L- 5 Greenland:The Land Show
L- 6 Saudi Arabia:The Land of Sand
L- 7 Prairies:The Grasslands
L- 8 Means of Transport
L- 9 Means of Communication
L- 10 The world of growing Knowledge
L- 11 The development of medical science
L- 12 The machine age
L- 13 Great Personalities
L- 14 The birth of the united nations
L- 15 The working of the united nation
L- 16 India and The United nation
L- 17 The Revolt 1857
L- 18 Beingning of the Freedom Struggle
L- 19 India Wins Freedom