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Class 5 English Syllabus

L-1   Christopher

L-2   Shadows

L-3   The Tiger’s Whisker

L-4   Love That Chocolate

L-5   Who Did Patrick’s Homework

L-6   Word Games

L-7   Remote Control Kid

L-8   Our Bones

L-9   Uncle Ken at the Wicket

L-10   Water – The Elixir of Life

L-11   A Page from Anne’s Diary

L-12   Our Five Senses

L-13   Chloe Confused

L-14   The Great Nut – Coconut


L-1   Nouns & Pronouns

L-2   Articles

L-3   Adjectives

L-4   Adverbs

L-5   Connectors

L-6   Prepositions

L-7   Verbs

L-8   The Use of Verbs in Tenses

L-9   Simple & Continuous Tenses

L-10   Perfect & Perfect Continuous Tenses

L-11   Imperatives & Optatives

L-12  Change of Sentences & Tenses

L-13   The Voice

L-14   The Speech

L-15   Subject – Verb Agreement

L-16  Requests, Offers & Suggestions

L-17   Punctuation & Capitalisation

L-18   Vocabulary Enrichment

L-19   Reading Comprehension

L-20   Composition Writing