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Class 4 EVS Syllabus

Unit Chapter
L-1 My Family ands Me
L-2 Our Extented Family
L-3 We Can Sence
L-4 People And Their Skills
L-5 Ways of Recreation
L-6 Community Eating
L-7 Beaks and Claws
L-8 The Amazing World of Plans
L-9 Waste and its Management
L-10 The journy of food
L-11 Mouth,Teeth,Tounge
L-13 Houses Then and Now
L-14 Mapping and my Neighbourhood
L-15 Animal Shelters
L-16 Water A Necessity
L-17 Clean and Safe Water
L-18 Animal Powerd Transport
L-19 Travel Currency
L-20 Building Materials and Tools
L-21 The World Animals