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Class 4 English Syllabus

L-1   A Bell for the Cat

L-2   Koala

L-3   Of the Earth

L-4   A Tiger Tells His Story

L-5   Rescue

L-6   The Cactus – A Desert Plant

L-7   The Crow and the Peacock

L-8   Know Your Teeth

L-9   Questions, Questions, Questions!

L-10   My Neighbours

L-11   Lost in a Shop

L-12   Letter to an Author


L-1   Words, Phrases and Sentences

L-2   Kinds of Sentences

L-3  Parts of Speech

L-4   Nouns

L-5   Pronouns

L-6   Adjectives

L-7   Verbs

L-8   Tenses

L-9   Adverbs

L-10   Prepositions

L-11   Conjunctions

L-12  Question Words

L-13  Short Forms

L-14  Exclamatory & Emphatic Sentences

L-15  Some, Any, Much, Many

L-16  Question Tags

L-17  Composition Writing & Comprehension