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Class 3 Maths Syllabus

Unit Chapter Content
L-1 Number (i) Forming Numbers
(ii) Place value & face value
(iii) Roman Numerals
L-2 Addition (i) Order of addends
(ii) Estimating the sum
(iii) Learning to add horizontally
L-3 Subtraction (i) Subtraction with regrouping
(ii) Subtraction from Zero
(iii) Facts
L-4 Shapes (i) Measuring line segments
(ii) Congruent figures
(iii) Tangram
L-5 Multiplication (i) Factors and Products
(ii) Multiplying by 0 or 1 and 3 digits
(iii) Word problems
L-6 Division (i) Rules of divion
(ii) Diving 3 digit & 4 digit number
(ii) Long division
L-7 Fractions (i) Numerator and Denominator
(ii) Types of fractions
(iii) Like and Unlike fractions
L-8 Measurement (i) Conversion of units of length
(ii) Measuring of weight
(iii) Measuring long distances
L-9 Time (i) Minutes in hour and hours in day
(ii) Writing dates
(iii) Using a Calender
L-10 Money
(i) Converting rupee into paise
(ii) Multiplication and divison of money
(iii) Converting paise into rupee
L-11 Patterns (i) Symmetrical figures
(ii) Completing halves
(iii) Completing halves
L-13 Pictorial Representation (i) Pictographs
(ii) Organisation of information