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Class 3 English Syllabus

L-1   A Lesson in Kindness

L-2   It’s Raining

L-3   The Dog’s Tail

L-4   Cats and Dogs

L-5   Mister Simple on the Train

L-6   It’s Not Fair!

L-7   A Night Out

L-8   In the Orchard

L-9   The Dog Ate My Homework

L-10   How does it grow?

L-11   Jerry’s a Good Boy Now

L-12   The Chimpanzee’s Friend


L-1   Vowels and Consonants

L-2   Naming Words (Nouns)

L-3   Pronouns

L-4   Adjectives

L-5   Verb Forms

L-6   Subject and Predicate

L-7   Some Special Verbs

L-8   The Use of V1

L-9   The Use of V2

L-10   The Use of V3

L-11   The Use of Will / Shall

L-12   Yes / No Questions

L-13   Composition Writing & Comprehension