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Class 2 EVS Syllabus
Unit Chapter
L-1 My Self
L-2 Human Body
L-3 My Family
L-4 Food We Eat
L-5 Clothes We Wear
L-6 We Need Shelter
L-7 Keeping Healthy
L-8 Safety And First Aid
L-9 My School
L-10 Neighbours and Neighbourhood
L-11 We Need Them
Unit Chapter
L-12 Our Festivals
L-13 Travel and Community
L-14 Directions and Time
L-15 Weather and Seasons
L-16 The World of Plants
L-17 Plants are Useful
L-18 The World of Animals
L-19 Animals are Useful
L-20 The World around us
L-21 Air
L-22 Water