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Class 2 English Syllabus

L-1 Sam’s Blue Hat

L-2 Munish at School

L-3 Deaf and Mute

L-4 Bob and the Bathtub

L-5 Bees

L-6 Popcorn

L-7 The Little Ball of Fur

L-8 Plants

L-9 Little Red Hen

L-10 Are You a Spider?


L-1 The English Alphabet

L-2 Naming Words

L-3 Singular and Plural

L-4 Masculine and Feminine

L-5 Numbers

L-6 Describing Words

L-7 Action Words

L-8 Yes/No Questions

L-9 Orders and Requests

L-10 Question Words

L-11 ‘There’ and ‘It’

L-12 Possessives

L-13 Subject-Verb-Object

L-14 Singular and Plural Verbs

L-15 Negatives and Questions

L-16 Composition Writing