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Boarding is primarily relationship based, reflecting care concern and support, balanced by firm expectations and guidelines framed by mutual respect.
• To provide a safe, open and stimulating environment in which each boarder can develop personally while learning to live in a close-knit international community.
• To support students in their academic studies.
• To inculcate a desire for truth and honesty in personal relationships.
• To create an atmosphere of trust in which each boarder feels able to approach any member of the community (staff or student), confident in the knowledge that he or she will be listened to and respected as an individual.
• To create an understanding that there is zero tolerance towards teasing, harassment and bullying.
• To provide the conditions for boarders in which to develop a sound work ethic through a structured study programme.
• To provide accommodation that is comfortable and suited to the needs of boarders according to age and maturity and which offers adequate levels of privacy.
• To safeguard and promote the physical wellbeing of each boarder by providing the best nutrition, medical care, and security.
• To provide appropriate facilities to support a positive and balanced lifestyle.
• To develop in each boarder, a sense of responsibility for himself or herself and for their environment.
• To develop in each boarder, the ability to work as part of a team and to offer opportunities to practice leadership.