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‘…A heart of gold with stardust soul…’

Late Adv. Sh. Bishan Singh Ji

⋅ Blessed are we to inherit the auspicious legacy of our patriarch, Late Adv. Sh. Bishan Singh Ji!

⋅  The seeds and scions, once sown deep in the soil of character and creative foresight are firmly rooted and blooming now.

⋅ In this era, most times people tend to inherit material while some leave a few words of wisdom too, but only very few studs their lives with the act of greatness and extraordinary choices.

⋅ Despite cleverly modern world mad of success, we remain undaunted to establish virtues of the character of our patriarch as our educational core values reflecting the truth, probity, humanity, and dedication above any other mundane wit.

Satye Sarvam Pratishthitam