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In an AIS class, the child’s performance is not evaluated by conducting tests or examinations. Instead, the child’s effort and work is respected as it is. The teacher, through extensive observation and record-keeping, plans individual projects to enable each child to learn what he needs in order to improve. Therefore, observation plays an important part in the AIS Method.
Here assessment is an ongoing process, not just about grades in periodic and term examination. It includes systematic observation in terms of behavior, expression, thought process, thinking skills and many more and provides information about development over time.

School Schedule

The School Day: Fitting Everything in Requires Creative Scheduling

The minutes and hours of the school day are critical for building knowledge, foster student motivation, and drive student outcomes.

Since the basis of the AIS, an approach is based on that children learn most effectively through direct experience and the process of Investigation and discovery by spending more time at school along with teachers.

Concrete to

The classrooms are filled with hands-on materials. AIS believed that knowledge proceeds from the hand to the brain. Concrete materials make concepts real, and therefore easily internalized.

The student works abstractly (paper and pencil) when he or she has internalized the pattern and no longer needs materials.

We encourage our learners to step into our shoes for a bit, to provide an opportunity to explore new ideas of learning.


We believe in making the education more experiential learning, children learn from experience. Our belief to make every child brilliant and aim to develop individuals by inculcating the following qualities

Intellectual competence

  • Interest in life-long learning
  • Respect for diversity
  • Ability to be a reflective decision-maker
  • Collaborative and leadership skills
  • Pedagogical skills
  • Improving understanding of learners

‘The Aryan Elysium’ is a thoughtfully crafted niche with optimum comfort, minimum glamour and yet a maximum sense of creativity. Each & every corner of the campus is designed & meant for teaching certain virtues.

" Knowledge is knowing that tomato in fruit; Wisdom is not putting a tomato in fruit salad " - that's how our pedagogy makes difference!!

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BSM School Clubs

In the memory of our inspiration and founder of this welfare society, clubs are designed to inculcate learning with overall personality of a child.


A home away from home

Residential facilities for Boys for class III to X

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School Overview, Cultural Events, Sports, Achievements… Because a picture can convey a thousand words!


Mr. Varun Lalher (Parents)

स्कूल की बिल्डिंग बहुत ही अच्छी है I L.K.G. के अध्यापकों से हम संतुष्ट हैं I बच्चे का अनुशाशन पहले से बढ़ा है I बहुत सी अच्छी आदतें बच्चे में आई हैं I स्कूल में करवाई जा रही एक्टिविटीज से हम संतुष्ट हैं I


L.K.G. Class

Mr. Shankar Mittal (Parents)

में मीनू मित्तल , six month से आपका स्कूल अच्चा ही लगा है, जैसे स्कूल का वातावरण , स्टाफ , मैनेजमेंट , बच्चों की एक्टिविटी , मैनर्स , पढाई, लिखाई में अनुशाशन आदि I स्कूल की विजिट के टाइम जो मन में विचार और डर थे, वो सब दूर होते नजर आ रहे हैं I बाकी स्कूलों की तरह खर्चे लगभग बराबर लगे I अन्य स्कूल की तरह फण्ड व् डेकोरेशन का सामान भी नही मंगवाया जाता ये सब स्कूल की बहुत अच्छी बातें हैं I


L.K.G. Class

Mr. Mukesh (Parents)

We are very proud of your school. My daughter Is always happy to go to school and full of smiles when we pick her up from the van. The staff and the teachers of your school are really very good and dedicated. I will always be grateful to this wonderful school.


L.K.G. Class

Mr. Rishipal (Parents)

Your school fascinated me too much. I am not fascinated by the building of your school but I am fascinated by the studies in your school. I am also impressed by your attention and hard work for the children.

Shubham Kangar

4th Class

Mr. Jora Singh (Parents)

I am Priyanka mother of two students of your school the first one is Jagriti (IIIrd ) and another one is Garima (L.K.G.). I am Very happy with the efforts of the entire school team. In a study, my both kids are improving day by day.

Jagriti & Garima

L.K.G. & 3rd Class

Mr. Suresh Kumar (Parents)

में आपका और सभी टीचर्स का धन्यवाद करना चाहती हूं,जो आप बच्चों के साथ इतनी मेहनत करती हैं और इसलिए भी की जितना मैंने चाहा था उस से भी ज्यादा मेरे बेटे में बदलाव आये हैं I आपके स्कूल टीचर्स बहुत ही अनुभवी और उच्च शिक्षा प्राप्त हैंI जो की उनके कार्य से ही हमने देखा है, हमारे बच्चे की प्रगति में I


Nursery Class

Mr. Rajiv Kumar (Parents)

Every parent dream that their children will illuminate their name hopefully your school meets this expectation. I am very proud to have my child at the Aryan International School, Kaithal. The children are encouraged to be the best they can be. The teacher takes a lot of interest in the children and their outside activities / Interest.


4th Class

Mr. Rupinder Pal Singh (Parents)

School administration has a very positive and enthusiastic behavior. Teachers are putting real efforts for the upcoming of my kid.


Nursery Class

Mr. Ajay Kumar (Parents)

Good manners have been inculcated in her. She has started to speak some common sentences which is seriously appreciable. Except that she uses a lot of English words in her spoken.


Nursery Class

Mr. Daljeet Singh (Parents)

Teachers are trying their best. Every festival and other cultural programs are celebrated in a good manner. The way of teaching and the system of examination is also very impressive. Total personality of student is changed due to all the activities performed in the school.


U.K.G. Class

Mr. Jatin Arora (Parents)

I am Happy to have a good school in Kaithal because this school study is not a burden. The idea of bag less concept is very impressive.

Arav Arora

U.K.G. Class

Mr. Sukhbir Singh (Parents)

I would like to say a big thank to you all respected teaching staff who are working very hard. I want to say that the teacher’s teaching is very fantastic and extraordinary. I saw how my children have improved with confidence and learned a lot since they are controlled in your school.

Abhishek & Arju

3rd & 7th Class

Mr. Tarun Baweja (Parents)

The Aryan International School is good in infrastructure and also as per modern activities. Snacks break is also a good concept which encourages the students towards sharing, makes them disciplined. The concept of activity period after the study time in the school is also encouraging the students to be more committed towards the sports.


2nd Class